Why We Walk

I walk for my sister.

"I walk to show love and support for my sister who has narcolepsy, but who through perseverance and strength has overcome many challenges to manage her condition. I also walk to help raise awareness and continue to build a support system for all those who struggle with this disorder every day." -- Dave
I am inspired by the narcolepsy community!
"I walk because I have had the privilege to be introduced to, and inspired by, a community of people that has a great passion to fight for the awareness of narcolepsy." -- John

I walk for Narcolepsy Network to raise awareness for all people with narcolepsy.

"It is our job to fundraise and spread the word each year, so that the 100,000+ undiagnosed people with narcolepsy (in the United States alone) will learn about this rare disease, and see a doctor to get the treatment they so desperately need. If you can't join us in person, please consider joining our community as a member, or by donating online today." -- Keith

There's still a lot of work to be done!

"I walk because I want to help people with narcolepsy
and I want to help raise awareness for this misunderstood and under diagnosed sleep disorder."

  -- Eveline

Narcolepsy Network gave me back my daughter, Corey, the most precious gift a mother can receive.

"Corey was diagnosed with narcolepsy while in college and was living a dysfunction life emotionally, physically,and socially.  Her personality had changed. We didn’t know where to turn. We had never met someone with narcolepsy. We knew it wasn’t curable, but the life she was living was not sustainable.

Corey was introduced to NN where, although it was a club no one wants to belong to, she was welcomed.

I walk for NN because they are a resource center for patients, medical providers, educators, and employees. I walk for NN because they are a welcoming community with support groups nationwide. I walk for NN because they understand the hardships of a diagnosis many have never heard of. I walk for the NN because of the compassion they have to help others. I walk for NN because they provide scientific research. I walk for NN to raise public awareness. I walk for NN because they provide emotional support and resources to patients and their families. I walk for NN because they care." -- Sue